Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Solar Panels

As part of a new renewable energy programme, the government has designed an initiative to assist the elderly and indigent with increasingly high energy costs. A planned $15 million investment will install 1500 homes with solar panels. According to Joey Ebanks, the new managing director of Cayman's Electricity Regulatory Authority and chairman of a new committee to promote this new programme, Cayman “has been too, too slow” in getting onboard with reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. 

According to Mr. Ebanks, the first to receive the panels will be those who are currently being assisted by government to pay their power bills. Then will come those on a fixed pension income to install panels in their homes. If homes are not able to have panels installed, free standing panels can be utilized. 

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, the initiative will assist in generating jobs and providing local companies with additional business opportunities.

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