Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Splits Now Protected

The family of the late Dr. Roy Herrman and Estelle Herrman has given an additional 8.6 acres of Cayman Brac land to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Well known for its natural beauty, The Splits is a unique inland freshwater ecosystem that will now be protected. This increases the total National Trust donation by the Herrman Family to 26.1 acres via the International Reptile Conservation Fund. Located in the West End of the island, The Splits is part of an island long, naturally occurring fissure or "split" which provides fresh water to the wildlife of the Brac. It has ecological significance as it is also a nesting site for two species of heron, home to two endemic freshwater fish species, in addition to being a well-used watering area for local and migratory birds.
“In fond memory of our parents, Dr Roy and Estelle Herrman, we gift our Cayman Brac land to the Trust to help maintain a pristine home for rare birds and animals,” the Herrman sisters, Shirley, Barbara, Louise, and Carol, said in a written statement to the Trust. “We have very fond memories of time spent on Cayman Brac and the white sandy beach overlooking sparkling blue water, and this is our way of giving back to such a beautiful island.”
"Conserving this land is critical for preserving the beauty and biodiversity of our islands and the Splits is one of Cayman Brac’s true ecological gems being one of the very few inland sites with freshwater year round. With the exception of a rough footpath from the north, the site is undisturbed and contains many endemic and native plants,” Christina McTaggart, executive director for the Trust, said. “We thank the landowners for their generosity and vision in permanently protecting this natural treasure."
For more information, contact The National Trust. www.nationaltrust.org.ky 
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